2 dec. 2012

Sms Christmas

1. At the turn of the year, let it pass through the window of your soul, the magic of the holidays, let yourself be engulfed in happiness and joy and remain so for life. Be my sunshine and light it pass me, come with me to the world of endless love.

2. Happy Holidays and a Christmas full of soft snow to have a better year and next year get your car

3. Merry Christmas with joy and fulfillment with your loved ones! Weight to find rich Mosul and pure soul!

4. Young and old, going on holiday, with good thoughts and desire better for us and for all. Merry Christmas

5. Santa still not arrived, start to roam, And him to wait. We come to each greeting with gifts and a: A Christmas full of love, health, happiness, luck and fulfillment and joy filled years. To find each branch of the tree fulfilling dreams and future success key and only Santa Claus to bring you a bag full. Happy Birthday!

6. Christmas around the corner, out of the glove hand, and give the gifts of heaven palm, near the fire tree and fill your luck! Merry Christmas

7. Holy Christmas Eve we gathered was good with good, holy Christmas eve. It's more sacred than all, Happy Birthday to health!

8. Inraieste this life and sometimes we act like crazy but do not forget that it's Christmas and be a little bit better

9. You are a being so nice, polite, nice, honest, witty and unique in this world ... Receive my best wishes and those white lies.

10. When holidays come, it will be full basket, to have one's fill, full house, good health! Moan bag of money, good luck and Happy New Year!

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